The Company

We have been in the business of catering to people with problems for over three generations. When we set-up our first health and rehabilitation center, we were the first of our kind. Not only were we the only ones in the state, but we were the only ones providing help by treating our patients using techniques that were proven but new.

Our Mission:

Since the time we were founded, our mission and sole aim have been to provide help to millions of people struggling to relieve themselves of the addictions. Not only have we aimed to provide help to such people but we have always strived to give care that has been complete- We first deliver quality and the best care possible through the best equipped de toxification centers. While we choose to call them de-toxification centers, they are more than just that. We choose to believe that once the patients leave us they are completely turned around. We aim to bring the best to our patients. We scour and learn the best and most proven techniques followed all around the world and train our people so that they can bring this knowledge and help to our patients.


Our Vision: Our vision has always been to become the most preferred center by the people in the community. We ensure that we are approachable by all classes of citizens and therefore keep our pricing affordable. Our presence in the community has ensured that we are a strong force within the area allowing us to make changes in the way we view these problems, thereby reducing the stigma attached to it. Apart from this, we seek to constantly exceed the expectations of our clients. How we accomplish this is to view each patient as a unique case. We ensure that we address each problem distinctively and offer solutions that will work. We ensure that we regularly check progress and change tactics where it seems like there is little or no progress.

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