Rehab Centers: Treatment Options and Facilities Available

Rehabilitation Centers provide a range of facilities and treatment options, especially now when we are seeing an increased number of people in need for solutions to problems not seen earlier. So, now we are not only dealing with drugs but we are dealing with problems such as gambling addictions, Gadget Related Stress Syndromes, Depression due to social pressures (this is not limited to adults alone). What has happened as a result is that people need solutions or care depending on the issues they are facing. Rehab Finder centers are now thinking out-of-the-box to provide care that accommodates these different issues. Let's look at some of the options available.

Treatments at Centers:

Typically, this is the most common kind of treatment option that is available. While addictions require that you move into a facility and adapt to the treatment plan that they suggest, there are also other options:


Here the patient signs up to move into the facility and will adapt to the treatment plan completely. They will be monitored all through their stay by Professionals, Doctors, and Nurses. Obviously, there is a distinct advantage here since there is a very less chance of them falling back on the program. There is also a higher chance of complete recovery when the program is completely followed.


Here, signing up for the program, does not require you to stay in the facility. You can schedule visits and consultations according to convenience. However, since the patient still has links to the outside world, there is a bigger chance that the recovery may not be complete. There are however variations where people can sign up to stay in the facility during the day and return only during the nights.

Alternate Therapies: Gone are the days when only tried and tested methods were the way to go. Now, Rehab centers are open to trying new and alternate ways to tackle problems unique to this generation. So, we are seeing several innovative approaches that are being tried at Rehab Centers.

Counseling: Counselling sessions are a popular method of dealing with addictions and problems of various kinds. There are individual one-on-one sessions generally done to identify problems and provide the right advice under the circumstances. There are group sessions where people dealing with similar problems are clubbed together.

Here sharing the problems and knowing that other people are facing similar issues tends to help the situation. Family counseling sessions are also quite popular, especially where the family ties are strong and their presence will influence the patient positively.

Fitness and Sports Programs: It is widely known that sports and fitness can completely alter the dopamine levels or the “happy hormones” in our brains. So, exercise or playing a sport not only allows you to sweat, but it also boosts your energy levels and mood in general.

This is extremely effective in treating addictions or problems such as depression in general. While playing a sport allows you to also interact with other people making it easier for you to build a social life, exercising and staying fit gives you the mental and physical strength to resist temptations to succumb to drugs or other problems

Yoga and Meditation Centers:

Yoga has always relied on the mind-body connection that you have. However, if you consider people with problems such as drug addictions or depressions, there is a separation between mind and body and that is where the problems begin. While substance abuse can be tackled by several methods, if you do not address the problems of the mind-body connection, the chances of a relapse are great. So, to complete the process of recovery, yoga and meditation can play a very important role.

Yoga is basically an ancient practice that engages both the mind and body using postures, breathing, chakras (energy centers) and focusing your mind through meditation. There are several benefits of this method which has convinced rehab centers across the world to offer these programs. Some of the benefits are:

Anxiety related problems are addressed very well. A sense of well-being is developed with a constant practice of the postures Learning the technique of breathing right and well allows you to trust your body and mind.

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